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Bringing you an authentic
Japanese yakiniku experience

I opened YAMADA  Japanese BBQ with the desire to convey the essence of  Japanese yakiniku, a culinary experience that aims to fill both the stomach and the heart. Our restaurant uses only safe and high-quality beef, which is served with salt and our special soy sauce. In addition, we are particular about presentation and want to make sure that our food is not only high-quality, but also a feast for the eyes.


Our goal is to bring you the essence of  Japanese yakiniku culture through food, service, and a relaxing, aesthetic atmosphere.
We aim to become a top choice for local diners who are looking for something unique, satisfying, and accessible.


Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku)

Yakiniku means "grilled meat".

It is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.

Today, "yakiniku" commonly refers to a style of cooking bite-size meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on a gas/electric grill.

The thinness of the meat slices is what enables customers to cook them at their table grills within a short amount of time, making for an enjoyable DIY experience.


Easy to prepare, minimizes food waste, so customers can focus on food taste.

Customers are the CHEF!

Fun Experience!


Easy to operate, adjustable taste, safe cooking method for children.

And, it's Japanese style!

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